I'm not committing to mirrorless, just yet

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Re: I'm not committing to mirrorless, just yet

Glen Barrington wrote:

I have the following gear:

  • E500 (keeping probably couldn't sell it anyway!)
  • E30 (Keeping)
  • Zuiko 9-18 mm zoom (lightly used, but I like it well enough)
  • Zuiko 14-42 (E500 kit lens - don't like so much. It's ok, but the 14-54 is much better IMO)
  • Zuiko 14-54 Mk1 zoom (practically all I use)
  • Zuiko 40 - 150 (E500 kit lens - I really like the image quality, but I don't use it much as I'm not a long lens shooter.)

Give the E500 away to a school photography program along with the kit lenses for it.

Your 9-18mm is optimized for live view on 4/3's which will be a benefit on m4/3's.
Keep an eye out for a mkII version of the 14-54mm for the seame reason (live view optimization). If it's your most-used lens it's worth upgrading, and that lens will handily out perform m4/3's kit lenses.

I agree with Greg. buy the adapter and see how you get on with 4/3's lenses before buying micro lenses.
I have used the E-M1 with the 4/3's 14-35mm and the focusing was exactly like using an E5. I would anticipate that your 9-18mm and 14-54mm (especially if you upgrade to the mark II version) will perform just like on your E30, but the better sensor and shooting experience of using the E-M1 will benefit your photography greatly.

Douglas Brown

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