Thom Hogan: Impact of mFT on Nikon DX line

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rrr_hhh wrote:

There were long waiting lists to get one : I had preordered one in early March but only got one at the end of August inspite of the fact that in our country Olympus is better distributed than it appears to be in the US.

My take on it is that it can only mean this camera is/was not well distributed (supplied) in your area. Say 5 people ordered and only 3 cameras arrived, Olympus miscalculated there would be 2 people more. Perhaps.

I have seen the same with Nikons, you could walk into the store and buy the most popular camera on the day they arrive, D300 was a good example. Yet, you would need to pre-order the model that is in lesser demand, and been around for a while.

Also Olympus managers have declared it several times : they were themselves surprised by how well the E-M1 was selling. Also here since its launching the price of the E-M5 has remained very stable, loosing less than 10% With respect to its launch price

Well, you see, that's why they distributed only few from the beginning. Like I said, it could mean something entirely different from what you think it is.

By well selling I meant if you have figures, that show this camera did indeed bring profits back to Olympus. You will not find such. Therefore it did not sell well at all.

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