How many still shoot film?

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Re: Got hooked on films again.

olyflyer wrote:

I don't think flatbed scanners are as good as film scanners, so far I haven't seen any, but sure, the larger the film the better it is. Anyway, in my opinion flatbed scanners = "mega pixels images - a poor man's solution." MF film scanners are expensive, so sure, flatbed scanners may very well be good enough for most.

I would not bother with 35mm on a flatbed unless you are archiving some old family slides.  The good news is there are some good 35mm film scanners.  For medium format - a good flatbed will work okay especially for B&W.  I have a Epson V750 Photo and it does fine with medium format.  Most of the 6x7 negatives shown in my pbase account were done on the Epson.  For large format - a good flatbed is a very viable solution especially considering the cost of the alternatives.  Since I do very little color I can't comment on flatbed scanners and color.

One of the keys with a flatbed is keeping the negative as flat as possible.

One of the keys to good results on any scanner is the software.

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