How many still shoot film?

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Re: How many still shoot film?

Prob shoot more serious stuff than digital.  F100 and FM2N the latter for b/w film if I have two bodies but seldom.  F100 has Velvia.

I have a D600 but for scapes I prefer slides and for family esp long time family / friends I prefer to use color neg film like 400 speed if I can.  There is something special about looking at the actual slide on a lightbox.  I fidn the D600 is a nice walk around camera that is about it but seriously it is an expensive camera with the latest lenses people get, not me, mine are all the AFD lenses.  At the end you print a handful of prints only provided you have room to hang them up.  That is non pro work. For pro work ... of course shoot heaps etc .. Just a few weeks ago I did my first development - Ilford ID11 with HP5+ film, next will be Ilford Delta 100.

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