Does the G series still scratch the lens???

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Re: Does the G series still scratch the lens???

Dan Hudson wrote:

Thanks for your answers. I have been through the lens scratch problem with a brand new G10/11 camera. Don't need that anymore or the extra effort to protect the so called lens protectors. Will just stay away from the G series. I submitted the question about self lens scratching because if I was not satisfied with my purchase of the Nikon P7800, I might again seek a G series camera. You answered my question so I will wait on delivery of the P7800 to see if it is all I hoped for. I guess the next step will be a Sony RX100. Not my first choice, though. Thanks again....Dan

I have the RX-100 as well as the G15 (which is my latest one acquired) ... 
The RX-100 is without a doubt a very fine camera .. results from it are very good indeed and certainly in the shots that I have taken with it...if it IS pushed, it will give you an extremely good pic at quite high ISO .. although it will do its best to keep ISO down - if the situation just will not allow it then you will get a pic at 6400 and it is still very good for the obvious situation that it will be shot in.
But from your comments.. if you did get to even handle the RX-100,  I rather think that you may very quickly feel the noticeable difference in handling between that and such as the G15.
I've had several earlier G's but simply avoided the G10/11/12 as I found them bulkier for one thing (with the redesign that Canon did on those) and also I personally simply find an artic screen is a nuisance to me and rarely used.. I just prefer and get results with a fixed screen - especially if it is a good high-res one.

The very first thing I did with the RX-100 was to put on it that Japan Hobby Tool Leather Skin that was sold for a miserably low price but which makes a really noticeable difference in handling - it takes away that smooth slightly slippery feel of the original RX-100.  Then I bought the GARIZ half-case.. another thing I like from my last G9 days..a case that in usage can be left on as a half case. It was another BIG change that makes the RX-100 a lot more nice feeling in the hand.
Indeed the VERY first thing that got me immediately hooked on the G15 was the handling.  To me. in my (smaller) hands .. it is a delight.. and from Day 1 I've had immense satisfaction from it and the pics I just feel sure (and I've tried it against the ubiquitous G1X and I still find little advantage (to me) in the latter) ... AND it feels that much more 'bulky'..because it IS that , slightly.

But try the G15 if you can - it is a very very good camera.

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