Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

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Re: sooner or later

klavrack wrote:

While we can hope for miracles, I'm assuming the FF sensor will continue to enjoy some low light and DR advantages over ASP-C sensors. However, there are many shooters who would sacrifice that in favor of speed and AF superiority.

As many including me have  said before, 75% of all dslr shooters would never have use for the full potential  of a FF sensor for 99,9% of the time, if not  more. Of the other 25% I bet 90% would never have use for FF so that leaves 10% of 25% that may have use for it once in a while.

Speed and AF accuracy wil benefit many more dslr shooters than FF ever would. As for Pentax, the small size and sealing is a premium too. Given the choice between a  rather bulky FF (and FF lenses) and a K-5 sized APS-C,  the smaller kit is more usefull any day of the week.

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