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Re: Impact of mFT on Nikon DX line is NIL.

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"Olympus' E-M1 and high-performance lenses are going to start cutting further into the top of Nikon's DX line. I warned several years ago about what neglecting the DX lens line was going to do. Well, it's happened. E-M1 users have fast 24-80mm, 80-300mm equivalents, and fast 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 90mm, and 150mm prime equivalents to choose from, and the whole m4/3 system is now properly scaled as the smallest and lightest enthusiast system with excellent performance. If Olympus had been aggressive in pricing, the D7100 would have been toast this Christmas. Even with Olympus' pricing, a lot of folk are experiencing a strong temptation to pay more for less (size and weight)."

A good read:

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Sailin' Steve

The Nikon FF D600/D610 will have more of an impact than m4/3 on the top end DX bodies. Even if Olympus priced the E-M1 the same as the D7100, people are just more comfortable buying a camera from the two big names (Canon and Nikon). The fact that retailers don't really push m4/3 doesn't help either.

I don't think it's as bad as Thom paints it, but FF is not for everyone as it pushes gear prices up and makes for a heavy kit to lug about if one takes along multiple lenses. On the other hand, the D7100 is, however, still a fine camera for its price and Nikon has some quality, reasonably affordable lenses to compliment it.

But, I think Thom's correct on Christmas sales: the D7100 is now yesterday's news while the E-M1 is fresh and packs in a lot of features (further improved 5-axis IBIS in particular). It also appears to have closed the gap significantly on tracking, and can now fast AF with such great and affordable lenses as the 12-60mm f2.8-4 and 50-200mm f2.8-3.5. As he notes, combine the E-M1 with the fast primes and you also have the perfect small and light (only marginally larger and heavier than the E-M5) pro-build kit that you can easily take anywhere.

The E-M1 is currently 194th on AmazonUS Camera & Photo best sellers list while the D7100 is 106th.

The best selling E-M5 configuration is 1,609 in Camera & Photo on Amazon.

In Japan, the best selling D7100 configuration (with the 18-200) is 21st in BCN's rankings of DSLR/ILC sales, while the best selling E-M5 configuration is 111th. It would appear that the E-M5 has become "yesterday's news" much faster in both Japan and the US than the D7100.

I realize that you can argue that things would be different if Olympus had set the price lower for the E-M1. However, the D7100 is still a very popular camera and the notion that a camera such as the E-M1 could seriously hurt Nikon's sales in the near future are far fetched (IMO).

Many were taken by surprise by how well the E-M5 sold and that it won DPR's reader's choice award. Had Olympus priced the E-M1 to match the D7100, I think they'd have another runaway success on their hands this holiday season. People do read reviews and don't have to see the cameras in a big box store to buy them, as the E-M5 proved.

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Sailin' Steve

That is just a reflection of the global market share of the big two. That is not likely to change in a short lapse of time. However, look at DPreview home page : the E-M5 almost never left the top ten of the number of specs/ review clicks. It isn't only due to the recent announcement of the E-M1 and people wanting to compare it. It has been so during all the summer. Yet the body is now more than a year and a half old (it was announced in February 2012) and is still getting around 2.5% of the clicks.

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