Thom Hogan: Impact of mFT on Nikon DX line

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Re: Always been a problem with CaNikon

Hogan is right that Nikon didn't invest in DX lenses.  I had been using a D70 before I got a D7100

and at that time Nikon only made DX cameras.  For the record the D7100 is smaller than the D70

its the lenses that are too big.  I also, have been using my film lenses, like the big 70-200 vrI afs.

Its almost a foot long with lens hood.  My 85mm f1.4 is big.

Since I bought my D7100, I got some new lenses most are not DX Nikons, and third party

lens makers like Tokina for 11-16mm and the Sigma Art lens line are cleaning up on Nikon

because they have filled the lack of exciting affordable lenses where Nikon has abdicated

DX product for their customers to these 3rd party lens makers.

One note, I own Nex equipment, and the OM ep5 and I just want to say that the main

reason M 4/3 and to a lessor extent DX/ APS-c is a tough sell for some people is the OOF

background separation requires at least one wider F stop for DX and maybe 2 extra stops

faster M 4/3 lenses.  That is why I use F1.4 portrait lens on DX and will eventually get

the Sigma 18-35mm for its record breaking F1.8 max F Stop, which just brings it parity

with the FF F2.8 pro constant aperture lenses.

On M 4/3 the size advantage makes it a great coat pocket camera, but that 2 stop disadvantage

in OOF great Bokeh makes me switch to my Nikon gear when I need that look.

I use no lenses slower than F2.8, which means using expensive lenses that weigh a lot

if FF and even faster APS-C and M 4/3 lenses.

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