How many still shoot film?

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Got hooked on films again.

Got hooked on films again (MF)!

Original concept, scanned film to provide mega pixels images - a poor man's solution. Borrowed an old 6x6 folding camera and scanned the slides by a flatbed scanner, that worked. (up to 120Mp, then the desptop computer spit the dummy, refused to work)

Then gone crazy and bought a lot of old cameras - ranging from Graflex 4x5 (using 120 film adapters as well) Linhof 6x 9, Rolleiflex (manual & Electronic) 6x6, Zeiss 6x6, 6x9, Polaroid converted 6x12, etc. etc.

Old School - Mostly transparencies 120.

Still kept quite a few Nikon 35mm gears, however haven't used them for quite a number of years.

Apart from a few digitial cameras bringing along on travelling, my favourable pocketable is a Zeiss Super-Ikonta 6x9. If luggage limits permitted, carry a converted Polaroid for 6x12 as well.

"There are always new leaves on top of an old tree" Happy Shooting.

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