What are the pros/cons of the a77? Is it worth buying?

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Re: What are the pros/cons of the a77? Is it worth buying?

RoxanneY wrote:


I find that I love shooting crop and that I use my a550 much more than my a99. That said I'd like to replace my a550 with the a77, esp now that the price has come down so much. Could those of you that have experience with the a77 tell me what the major pros/cons of this camera are? Or if I should just use what I have and wait for the "mirrorless" a78/a79.

Thanks a bunch!


If you like you're A99 you'll probably find that the A77 is very similar. It lacks a couple of things present on the A99 such as AF-D and the quicknavi menu system. The A77 has faster burst rates than the A99 and can do 12fps in CAP-AE at full res. But the articulated LCD is the same as the A99 as well as most of the controls (except the silent controller wheel on the front. On the A77 it only changes AF modes).

Of course the A99's full frame sensor means that it has better low-light performance and picture quality than the A77. But the IQ on the A77 is still very very good.

Given your concerns with getting the 70-200mm or 70-400mm G-series lenses from your previous threads, the A77 has an advantage. Using the 70-200mm on the A77 would give you a 105-300mm equivalent. One idea, you could get the 70-200mm G and instead of getting the 70-400mm, you could get the A77 + 16-50mm f/2.8 kit. The constant f/2.8 aperture on the 70-200mm would give you equal-ish or better low-light performance on the long end as opposed to the 70-400mm.

If you go with the A77, I'd highly recommend getting the kit, because the 16-50mm gives you a 24-70mm equivalent with a constant aperture. It'd work better on the A77 than your standard zoom from the A99.

Hope that helps.

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Good luck and happy shooting!

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