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Re: AI-S lenses

This was shot with the old Nikkor 400mm f3.5 coupled to the TC-301 2X converter, mated to the PK-11A extension tube (so that I could focus closer than the prime's sucky minimum distance of 15 feet). Hundred-percent crop, with minimal sharpening and some curve.
This is a testament to the quality of the 400 that it can handle those two pieces between it and the body, which was a D700.
Shutter was 1/320th, f5.6 (or, really, f11 w/TC).

BTW, the 400 f3.5 often sell for around $1000 US on eBay, often less. The dollar to performance ratio is significant, and it looks great, even wide open, and plays really nicely with those old TCs.

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