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Re: AI-S lenses

EcoPix wrote:

This thread has become a who's who of Ai-S, so I can't leave it without mentioning the King of Big Lenses, for the record: 400mm f3.5 IFED.

Not a general-purpose lens by any stretch so not relevant to the original post, but if we're listing top lenses (by anyone anywhere ever), then this gorgeous example of the lensmaker's art needs to be on it.

Put a TC14b on one of those magic 400mm f3.5 IFEDs instead, and be happy.

Yes indeed, this is a beautiful lens, and it works very well with TCs. This is wide open, with the Kenko 1.4TC. Zoom to 100% to appreciate the sharpness, you can see every hair at a pretty large distance.

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