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Re: GX7 Recommendation

binhnguyen wrote:

M Hamilton wrote:

binhnguyen wrote:

I am set on buying a GX7 after reading a few review but I have a hard time picking lenses

Oly 12-40 or Panny 12-35 f/2.8

Panny 20mm mk2 f/1.7or Panny Leica 25m f/1.4

what do people recommend?

I can't wait to get my GX7!

I would say definitely order the GX7 with the 20mm because the kit price is considerably better than buying 20mm on its own. Not to mention that when you get your 12-40 or 12-35 you'll never use the 14-42 kit lens.

As for 12-40 vs. 12-35 I'm faced with the exact same dilemma and I think the GX7's IBIS reviews will decide that for me, I'll pay the extra bit for the 12-35 is the OIS is worth it. They are both going to be fantastic tools to capture great pictures.

GX7 has IS built into the body, does it matter if the lenses has IS or not? Or lenses IS is better than body IS?

Lens having OIS is important as IBIS does not work during video mode.

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