What's the deal with Adobe's Photoshop Offer

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Re: A message from Mike Chambers with Adobe....Thank you

MikeChambers wrote:

miketuthill wrote:

The following was posted by Adobe Staff on the Adobe Support Creative Cloud forum earlier today:


"As stated in the FAQ this is not a special introductory price that will revert to regular pricing after a year. The price offered now is the standard price and it is a limited time offer - until 31 December, 2013.

The "then-current price" will be the same as you paid the first year."

So, according to her the current price is not going to change after the first year.

The information in that post is incorrect (we are working on getting it corrected).

Ill try to be really clear, since there is so much confusion on this. If you join the Photoshop photography program, the monthly price for that program may change in the future (up or down). We don't have plans to change the price, but just like all of our other prices for our services and products, the prices may change in the future.

You are not guaranteed that the price you pay per month will be $9.99 forever. It may go up, it may go down.

Unlike some of our other Creative Cloud promotions, where you get an introductory price for a year, and then after a year, it goes up to the regular price, the price for the photography bundle is the regular price. So, once you have been a member via the Photography program a year, your price does not automatically go up.

Hope that helps clarify things.

mike chambers


Thanks you for taking the time to clarify Sir. Well done, in taking the time to communicate, something which so many companies and governments fail to do.

Best Wishes.

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