Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

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Re: Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

Petroglyph wrote:

No they spread it all over the calendar although a lot are announced in September:

K10D - Sep, 2006

K100D Super - Jun, 2007

K20D - Jan, 2008

Km & DA L lenses Sep, 2008 (Photokina)

K7 - May, 2009

Kx - Sep, 2009

Kr - Sep, 2010

K5 - Oct, 2010

K30 - May, 2012

K5II - Sep, 2012

K50, K500 - Jun. 2013

Looks like if we miss October then we'll be waiting until January.


This shows us

K10D-K20D = 16-17 months

K20D-K-7 = 16 months

K-7-K-5 = 17 months

K-5-K-5II/s = a whopping 23 months (i suppose the Ricoh/Hoya situation delayed things)

Now we're at 12 months so maybe 13 months will make up for the delay when the gap was 23 months


K100D-K-m = 15-16 months (K100D super was in there too)

K-m-K-x = 12 months

K-x-K-r = 12 months

K-r-K-30 = 20 months (same big gap)

K-30-K-50/500 = 13 months

There is a pretty decent trend bar 1 big gap in these lines

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