Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

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Re: uh oh

yudi wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

They can change the body and keep the same battery.

No they can't. That's bad karma.

That's why the K-01 wasn't liked by many!


The K01's body design is a complete failure. Has PENTAX got the point, yet? If the K01's body was LX-like, even using a very different (smaller) battery, K01 would have had much better luck to become a successful product. The K01 makes me realize that the pentax management is losing their sense to know where the market is heading. They just hung back, K5ii, K5iis, Q, K01, .... Well, what is the next?

I hope to see a new camera body-design from pentax like sony RX1, olympus OMD, Leica M, ....

If pentax still keeps on hung back, they would be gone soon. BTW, nikon and canon are different, they simple make toooooo much money from China's market.

Wow, what an insightful and helpful comment you make...............??? Are you here just to stir up trouble ??

It doesn't take much imagination to realise the K-01 wasn't a raging success on the world stage, but why would they re- run it in a different color for the Japanese market again...? The K-01 was introduced around the time of the Ricoh takeover and had plenty of positive aspects to it, many who bought it, love it. Was it necessarily a money loss? it was just a body with the same sort of running gear as K5 and using K mount lenses.

The DSLR market is still fairly strong, the Q design has sold well in Japan and reasonably elsewhere and they are continuing to develop it...Ricoh would not have let them release Q7 if it wasn't worth it.

The K5II & s are worthwhile improvements on a very good platform and has sold well also, whilst biding Ricoh time to enter the new product.

"they would be gone soon" ....where do you make this up from ? Where is your facts on figures on Ricoh / Pentax's  financial situation......does being a big company always equate to profit?? Like Nikon and Canon. Is everyone who doesn't sell as many cameras as Nikon and Canon ready for the trash heap??

The new products coming out from  now are the first evidence of Ricoh involvement and I don't see them "hung back", on the contrary, new long lens, new flashes, Q7, awaiting the new DSLR....doesn't seem like "hung back" to me. Its all about development money, budgets and business plans.

Perhaps they consider that 4/3 would need a new lens mount and too much development money? So your hopes, like every other hopeful person wanting something that suits them only doesn't make a good business case.

Maybe a little more thinking and a little less irrational statements ??

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