G15 Lens Protection

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CameraCarl Veteran Member • Posts: 6,039
Re: Do we really need extra protection?

I concur.  I've been using SLRs since the 1970s and for the first twenty years always used a "protection" filter on the lens. Never in that time did I scratch or break the filter. Then, as my skills and quality of equipment improved, I realized that there were some instances where a filter affected auto focus or the sharpness of the image, sometimes even creating flare that the lens hood would not reduce.  My 100-400mm lens was particularly susceptible to focus problems with filters, so I stopped using them on it.  And, again, I never broke or scratched the lens, but I do use the lens hood 99% of the time. Now I only use filters when there is a need for them: polarizing filters for glare reduction, ND filters to allow for long exposures and clear filters when I am shooting around salt water and corrosive gases (such as in Yellowstone or near other thermal features).

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