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Re: Do we really need extra protection?

Omar047 wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Omar047 wrote:

Thanks for the feedback, I'll check it out.

I guess I'm just used to having all my lenses for my D300s protected.

Your SLR lenses don't need protection either, especially not via UV filters. Lens hoods actually improve image quality while UV filters cause filter flare that ruins photographs.

I must ask, why don't SLR lenses need protection, I know the quality may drop but why wouldn't you want to protect the glass?

I've been using interchangeable lens cameras for over 15 years now and have never had something scratch, break, or otherwise damage the front element on a lens.  Not sure where all the paranoia about damaging lenses comes from; must be camera & big-box salespeople pushing "protection" filters onto new users.

Unless you're shooting in really adverse conditions - a windy beach with a lot of sand & grit in the air, for example, then it's wasted money as well as having a better chance of getting flare.

The best protection you can use is actually the correct lens hood for each lens.  They provide all the protection the vast majority of users will need, and will prevent flare (except in the case of shooting directly into the sun, in which case neither a filter nor hood can help).  I don't start shooting unless the hood is properly installed on the camera.

Many years ago I dropped a camera with an 80-400mm lens attached, lens-first onto the blacktop from shoulder height.  given that I'm about 6'1, that was no short trip.  Fortunately I had the hood mounted; it absorbed the impact and the worst damage was a piece of the mounting rib on the hood broke.  However, it still mounted on the lens and there was no other damage.


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