First photos of 10-24 and 56/1.2 and thoughts

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Re: First photos of 10-24 and 56/1.2 and thoughts

Absolutic wrote:

Re: you second statement, no I want the 1.2. If we were on a full frame, I'd take 1.4 but on a smaller sensor, where a dof is larger, I want 1.2. I'd like a 0.95 if it was available I think 56/1.2 looks surprisingly compact for what I expected.

I know we APSC shooters all crave thin DOF at some point but with the 1/4000s max shutter speed and base ISO 200, we'll definitely need a 3 stop filter on there during day time, which will degrade IQ. All in all, I think it's a minor difference but major selling point which will affect pricing quite a bit.

Btw we shouldn't use fullframe DSLR lens as a size reference here. APSC and short flange should allow for considerably smaller designs. I would trade some distortion for smaller 10-24 but that's just me.

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