Goodbye to XZ-1

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Ben Herrmann
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Oooops, I may be a little late to this party, but...

allow me to chime in by saying, "good for you." If the RX100 is your cup of tea, then I say, go and enjoy it. We all have different likes and I plan on getting the RX 100 II within the next few months. As some of us on this forum often do, I enjoy using various brands of cameras, and that's not a slight to Olympus at all. I love my XZ-1, but then I also realize it has its limitations (as any camera does), and technological advancements move on. Heck, I'm still shooting with the ole' E-1 and although I cringe at times with the old fashioned option-set it offers, the IQ is second to none at ISO 100-200.

There will always be something that comes down the pike that is superior in so many ways to what we're shooting with now - it's a fact of life (of course, being Oly lovers, we always hope it's an Olympus camera that sets the bar higher - but sometimes this isn't the case).

For example, if the rumored XZ-2 replacement does occur - the one rumored to have a 28-300 MM equivalent lens, I soooooo hope that it has better AF capabilities, along with better high ISO capabilities. But in the meantime, I've been enjoying both my Nikon P330 and P7700 cameras (and Nikon just released the P7800 with a higher def built-in EVF, and I'll be definitely be sellin' the P7700 to pick up the P7800). So there are many, many choices out there and all of us can enjoy what other brands have to offer.

I just hope that Olympus can once again release a higher end enthusiast super zoom camera or two - with RAW capabilities - that utilizes superb glass (Zuiko glass if possible), and can compete with the other super-zooms from the likes of Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and Fuji. I still remember that Oly were seemingly on the right track when they were making the SP-550, SP-560 and SP-570 - then all of a sudden stopped and started making amateurish (JPG only) large zoom P&S models.

Gosh, when I think of what we were accustomed to just 8-10 years ago, the thought of all that has transpired technology-wise since then makes you shake your head in wonder. Remember, if you will, those cameras we dubbed as "high ISO wonders," meaning those that could take half-assed decents shots at ISO 400? Now look at where we're's mind-boggling to say the least.

So in getting back to the Sony RX100 and the OP's being enamored with it, I too have been very impressed with what that little camera can do, and am looking forward to what it's replacement can do also in the next few months. But that doesn't make me trash the XZ-1 or any other Oly camera.

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