First photos of 10-24 and 56/1.2 and thoughts

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Re: First photos of 10-24 and 56/1.2 and thoughts

hellocrowley wrote:

Thanks for the info. Yes, the 10-24 is much bigger than I expected. And the 56/1.2 is 1.5x as big as the 60, I would rather have a 1.4 or 1.5 that's cheaper and smaller.

My ideal setup was: 56 + 35 + 10-24, but I might have to reconsider this strategy.

especially in light of the fact that 10-18 from Sony NEX has 62mm filter thread and weighs only 225 grams.  So any talk about "but it has to cover a APSC sensor' I dont buy.

Re: you second statement, no I want the 1.2.    If we were on a full frame, I'd take 1.4 but on a smaller sensor, where a dof is larger, I want 1.2.   I'd like a 0.95 if it was available   I think 56/1.2 looks surprisingly compact for what I expected.

I think the best combo at this point would be 14/2.8 + 35/1.4+ 56/1.2.      Or if you like the 35mm fl, 14/2.8+24/1.4+56/1.2.          In my ideal world it would be a 14/2.8+35/1.4+56/1.2 plus whatever the replacement for XE1/XP1 comes out early in 2014 just in time for 56/1.2

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