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Re: It's the bulk!

Sean Nelson wrote:

agentul wrote:

also, i've heard bad stories about people paying for HD recording and receiving the film on a CD.

The normal use of a CD is to hold audio, not video.

a CD can hold any type of data. we're not in the early 90's.

That having been said, an HD movie can be burned onto a CD, DVD or BluRay disk as a simple ".MP4" file and played on a computer. DVDs and especially CDs will, of course have less capacity and so can't hold as long a file, and the drive may not be fast enough to play the movie without first copying it to the computer's hard drive.

yeah, being on the receiving end of this argument is not something you want. there are reasons why movies are distributed on BluRay discs instead of CDs, and one of them is the compression-quality ratio. try downloaded a pirated BD-rip copy of a movie you already own on BluRay, play it on a decent (32" and above) screen ant tell me which looks better. image size alone is not all that it takes for a movie to be HD.

There is a quasi-standard for burning Bluray format content onto DVD media and some BluRay players support it and will play HD content from DVDs so burned. The big limitation is on the length of the video you can fit onto a DVD disk, not the HD quality.

of course you can record HD standard content on a DVD. however, you can't fit as much. notice the word STANDARD. something that can be played on individual devices, not on a computer with codecs installed and decent specs.

i know that there are multiple ways to deliver digital content. however, when you expect to receive a Bluray disc and instead receive highly compressed video, with the mention "just play it on your computer", well... that's not really nice, is it? standards are standards, and the standard delivery method for HD content is a Bluray disc.

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