One year anniversary with the Nikon D600

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Re: One year anniversary with the Nikon D600

I also was one of the first to get a D600 as soon as they were available and have had no problems whatsoever with oil and dust. I have to say I think the D600 is my favorite Nikon camera ever!  I have owned every pro-level and pro-sumer Nikon SLR since the Nikon F5. At the time I purchased the D600, I was using a D3, D700 and D7000.  Since then I sold the D700 with a D800 and the D7000 with D600. Since getting the D800, I find it to be too specialized for everyday shooting and actually rarely use it.  My D600 is a better file size for most general subjects and still has room for cropping - kind of the perfect amount of pixels IMO.  I absolutely love the camera. At first I thought it was not up to the build quality of a D700 (and it's not), but, it is really solid and I take the camera in harsh environments all the time, including mountaineering, hiking in the desert , climbing, skiing, and other types of outdoor environments. After a year for me, the camera still looks almost brand new.  the conclusion I've come to is do we really need the build quality of the D700 or D800?  To me it seems like just a heavier camera.

We'll now after a year using it and comparing to my D3, including focus tests, I decided I liked the D600 better and it has better image quality.  Sure there are a few things missing from D600 like the FPS(which I really never use) and 1/8000 the shutter speed - never shoot at those shutter speeds.  So in the end, I sold the D3 and purchased a second D600 with mb-d14 and have not looked back. So my current setup for professional work is a d800 and 2 D600's. What I like now is the lighter weight, the price paid, the common en-el15 battery that is light and works with all my cameras and whose charger is way smaller than the D3's, two slots with same card (I actually now prefer SD cards over CF cards), great image quality, room for cropping, the infrared remote feature(which I like way better than the wired 10-pin remote), in a lightweight, high-quality camera that works for most things.

So, after a year, I'm more than happy with the D600 - camera of the decade as far as my experience goes.  Perhaps the paradigm has changed and the pro photog will no longer need to lug around heavy, $6000 cameras to achieve their photographic visions and fulfill their assignments.   It's nice to see the D600 get some praise after reading all the negative posts!

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