Anxiety about the future of a mount - have we all been brainwashed?!

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Marco Cinnirella
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Anxiety about the future of a mount - have we all been brainwashed?!

I find myself wavering between not caring about all these agony-laced threads about the alpha mount future and being concerned. I'm heavily invested in the alpha mount and have been since the good old days of Minolta film cameras. My route to the a77 is roughly: Dynax/Maxxum 7000i, 7xi, 7, KM 7D, Sony a700, SLTa57 and now a77. I've dabbled with micro four thirds, NEX and Fuji X series along the way and had a brief affair with a Canon 5D and Nikon D300.

But I can't help thinking - we really have been kind of brainwashed by the marketing hype. Most of us seem to feel we (a) deserve the very best, very latest in technology (e.g. queues outside apple stores to be the first to buy the latest iphone) and (b) that our photographic needs demand the latest, greatest camera.

As a psychologist, point (a) is quite interesting - that it seems to have seeped into our psyche that we keep essentially rewarding ourselves with 'presents' of new technology - the latest Playstation, iphone, macbook air, etc and we actively compete with others around us to have the latest gadgets as if it somehow is a mark of status or worth. Taking a step back from this, it is actually a bit of a sad reflection on modern society that we are quite so materialistic.

As for point (b), the truth is more likely that our photographic needs are such that we do not need 36MP, 12FPS, on-sensor PDAF + CDAF and whatever else a next generation alpha SLT or mirrorless camera might provide.

If I am brutally honest the a700 probably served my needs just fine. The a77 certainly does. I don't need an a99 and I imagine most folks here can't honestly say they need an a79 or a99mk2 or whatever they fantasize about.

If the alpha mount goes the way of DeLorean then my existing cameras and lenses are not suddenly rendered inoperative, nor will my photography suffer. Ultimately my bank balance most likely will do as the second hand value of alpha mount gear plummets - I imagine the end of alpha mount bodies will coincide with a mass exodus and a flooding of ebay and craigslist with used alpha gear. But is that necessary? Do we all need what the next, greatest Nikon or Canon might offer? Really? Aren't most of us on here just keen amateurs?

Sony dropping the a mount is a bit scary, IF it happens. But we need not all jump ship if we can escape the brainwashed view that we all need the very latest sensor and camera technology. Those a700s, a900s, a55s, a65s, a99s etc will most likely keep working well and delivering great images for years to come, as will all those great lenses. Why don't we try to stick two fingers up to those marketing folks and learn to get the most out of our existing, most likely perfectly adequate gear, before we lust after that newer model?

I'm not being high and mighty by the way - I speak as a self-confessed GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) victim myself - I vaccilate between being happy with what I have and lusting after the (probably impossible?) idea of a 36MP high ISO monster camera with perfect AF-C, etc. etc.

Just a few thoughts - a bit controversial maybe, but I can't help wondering if we might be better off psychologically if we just got out there and took more pictures and worry less about whether we have, or will have in the future, the latest, greatest...

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"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence." Ansell Adams.

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