Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

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Re: sooner or later

janneman02 wrote:

Gary Martin wrote:Pentax/Ricoh needs to make a strong case for APS-C in the next generation, with the latest Micro4/3 sensors getting closer to the last generation of APS-C imagers.

Interesting idea, if the lastest M4/3 get close to the APS-C, the upcoming APS-c can very well be closer to FF than many would have thought possible, probably with exception form the latest FF cameras and the narrow DOF, but that might very well be handled with a software solution.

The sensor size difference between 4/3 and apsc isn't the same as between FF and APSC

APSC sensor has 64% more surface area than 4/3

FF sensor has 133% more surface area than APSC

What that means is that given the same technology, the difference between FF and APSC should be much larger than the difference between 4/3 and APSC.

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