Military-Industrial Complex Equals Jobs

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Re: Military-Industrial Complex Equals Jobs

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i believe the arms industry is one of the most subsidised industries in the world

Considering that every piece of hardware, right down to the bullets amounts to a government subsidy, this is a pretty safe bet.

The American economy depends on war.

Not really, it's only 4.7% of the GDP

Also, a fair portion of that is actually spent for other nations.

The German Government in particular is in no hurry for the US to depart its local bases.

No problem with that, take your troops home including the nuclear weapons. We don´t need them here anymore and take the NSA also back. There are manny places in the world where your troops don´t have to be anymore and that would save you a lot of money. But the problem is, your military needs these bases in europe and around the world (Japan). ,-)

This shows what you don't know:

US military spending is in decline. Not as rapid a decline as Europe.

I was only responding to the german goverment in particular is in no hurry, because we know that you need that bases. The Russians, UK and France forces have left germany if i´m right informed.

And it´s good that your gov is "reducing" the spending for the MIC.

It's why the American government spends so much time stirring the pot in various parts of the world. Destabilized regions fight with each other and need weapons, which the American industrial complex is happy to supply.

Yeah that's the plan. At least if you saw "Lord of War".

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