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Buy Strobes first/mono-light or power pack and heads

mr moonlight wrote:

You're lights and your gear are fine. I shoot with old Nikon SB25's and I shoot with Profotos. Both do the job and give off good quality light. You have an umbrella, a flash, a backdrop and a subject so you're good to go. Start by using just one flash and learn how to get the results you want with that.

Bring your vase 1'-2' farther away from the backdrop and take a lot of shots with your flash and umbrella set at every possible angle and distance to your vase. After you've got a handle on that, get yourself a piece of white foam core, cardboard covered in foil/painted white or buy yourself a cheap reflector. Start buy using it at different angles opposite your light. By the time you've got a handle on one those two tools, you'll have long forgotten about your second head and you will have some brilliant shots of fake flowers in an imitation vase.

Your recommending one light? You should use Three for Key, Fill and Back. With this at least two lights as I suggested with soft-boxes.

You also want to waste the OP's time by taking every possible angle what is that going to do except waste time. Your making this very difficult.

The benefit of actual strobes either mono-light or power-pack and separate head is the modeling light so you do NOT have to take a million pictures trying to set up flashes and guess.

By the time you buy multiple Nikon speed lights you could have spent that $900 on mono-lights that are portable. For that same $900 you usually are buying a kit that includes either soft boxes or umbrellas and they always include a reflector. Said reflector has a hole for said umbrella to go through to hold.

If you use speed lights you need an umbrella adaptor, stands that alone you have to piece together.

If you shoot Profoto you should know that.

Using any speed-light like Nikon is if your in a pinch or truly do not have space or A/C and can only use batteries.

Your better off learning on actual strobes (mono-lights or pack and heads) first then you will know how to use speed lights. You'll know how to place everything.

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