Nikon V1 Modifications

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Re: Nikon V1 Modifications

My own mod is increasing friction of the mode wheel (dental floss, of course), and adding a leather flap on top of the thumb grip, that also reaches over most of the mode wheel - your mod might work as well ;-)!

I added a finger grip on the front side made out of hot glue, making it similar in size to the one seen on the new AW1 (slightly bigger, & much uglier, though). My hot shoe protector is metal, by the way, held in place by a bit of black tape. A piece of metal I found, accidentally, that fits like a glove! I think it comes from a picture frame, but not sure.

My logo is also filled with black paint, by the way! May one day replace the finger grip with black hot glue, but as it looks even less impressive with the semitransparent hot glue grip I have now, it does make it look even more like a toy camera! Which is great!

My go serious camera, the D600, has no modifications at all ;-)! Well, the wrist strap is of my own design (so it says Toyota, instead of D600 :-), similar to the one on the V1).

Have you seen an uglier finger grip?! Originally painted over the '1' and the 'V1' as well, but the paint fell off!

The hot shoe protector sticks out a little bit, improving grip, and folds back when you insert the flash! The leather patch is also hotglued on top of the original grip (tried other kinds of glues first, with less success).

The wrist strap has a sliding piece of shrink tube on the end, so you can make a tight loop around the wrist, preventing you from accidentally dropping it, or it easily being snatched from your hand - not theft-proof, of course!

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