xf23m f1.4 - features missing

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Re: I don't and I prefer it that way. Re: xf23m f1.4 - features missing

That´s another argument though, the point here is the clutch. I don´t question the usefulness of the distance scale, for some it is, some like me never look at it - I usually pre-focus looking through the VF or, in case of the Fuji, sometimes the LCD. It being there is not an issue though, its presence is perfectly valid. However, it making the clutch mandatory because fly by wire wouldn´t allow it to show engraved on the lens, makes it much less desirable, in my opinion. Much less.

I have way too many lenses in another mount, all with nice distance and DOF scales engraved, visible full time, none except one with the dreaded clutch. That one is quite an old one, also quite  expensive one in its time. What the 14 and 23 miss because of the clutch, is full time manual override, I think a nice and very useful concept, way beyond either AF or Manual Focus.

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