Need a source for Lightroom 5, not 5.2

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Re: Need a source for Lightroom 5, not 5.2

Basalite wrote:

Andre Affleck wrote:

This link here downloads the file Lightroom_5_LS11.exe from Adobe. If you download 5.2, it gives you Lightroom_5_LS11_win_5_2.exe, so I would say the link provided above is the right one to LR 5.0. Give it a try.

Thanks, but I'm looking for the Mac version. Also, I had previously downloaded the same identically named Lightroom file except it was Lightroom_5_LS11.dmg for Macs. Turns out once you go to install it it installs 5.2. The idiots running Adobe can't even get the file names and appropriate files right.

I had someone in the Netherlands offer the file to me but he hasn't responded again. I'll guess I'll continue looking. Thanks again.

On a side note I noticed DPREVIEW deleted my post of a conversation I had with one of Adobe's idiot chat reps. I don't see why. The post was relevant to the kind of worthless customer service people can expect from the company that sells the most popular "retouching" software. I swear, the stupid crap you run into with people running forums never ceases to amaze me.

Basalite, I sent you a DPR private message. Check your PM's and reply to me there.

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