Thinking out loud, what lens to buy myself for Christmas.....

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Guy Parsons
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Thinking out loud, what lens to buy myself for Christmas.....

I have been thinking more about how I use my E-PL5, seems to be that I use the 9-18mm way less than I thought I would after previously using the 4/3 11-22mm a lot on my E-PL1. Seems now to be 90% 14-45mm, 8% 45-150mm and only 2% 9-18mm (all guessy figures but it feels right).

I do realise that I like to have f/2.8 as that auto focuses way better in low light compared to the smaller kit lens apertures, so the 12-40mm does make a heck of a lot of sense to me at the moment.

I could live with a two lens kit of 12-40/2.8 as well as the small 45-150mm as that is used a lot less. If I need wider than 12mm then I guess that I'd better learn to stitch.

Just for fun here's the size comparisons, no lens hoods shown (I always use lens hoods though).

E-PL5 & 11-22mm ...................14-45mm.....................45-150mm.....................12-40mm

Assembled from

So to me the 12-40mm does not look that big, if I could handle the 11-22mm then the 12-40mm would be easy.

As for weights, 9-18mm plus 14-45mm = 350g, replace with 12-40 = 382g, so a 32g penalty to use a better lens - I'm sold.

Now to start saving.......

Regards....... Guy

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