Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

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Re: sooner or later

Funny how we like to drool about things we know nothing about.  Yep we know near to nothing about the next product launch from RiPentax....................But speculation!!  What fun we have reading the comments of others just because 'an interior voice' gives out some exterior speculation?  Yes more of that stuff.

I sometimes wonder if 'what is newer, more recent is always better?' We know what we have K5* and we complain about this or that or we compare to this or that, (which is something I will really never understand because,  if the grass is greener on the otherside, you move!  Or at least you do eventually, well I would.

I remember in the good old days of mechanical photo boxes MX/ LX stuff, I used to think, 'well if my little button battery dies on me, I will still be able to use my camera simply by using a 125 shutter speed and F 5.6 aperture  and with a bit of chance my pictures will come out'  But I had to buy a film, load it, a delicate procedure, and then send the 36 frames off to a lab to finally see the pictures some time later..................................yes, the good old days.........??

Anyway if a K* is to see the light of day it will probably be an improved K5* or a total revolution. But the problem with improvements is that they will never satisfy everybody completely and as for a revolution, well that can also occur if you change the famous K mount imo but then we will all be complaining..................won't we!

Whoops more speculation.


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