More street with the J1 + 10mm

Started Sep 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP Seedeich Senior Member • Posts: 2,607
Re: More street with the J1 + 10mm

Yes, for street AF autoarea and face recognition often works fine.

But… I’ve used it at a social event indoors with that setting and I didn’t like where the camera focussed. Often at the closest subject, i.e. the back of heads. So I’m really considering of going back to my old way of focussing - center point. Usually I have time enough for that - unless I’m shooting blindly from the hip.

I never had a digital camera, that can zone focus (not quite true, D700 + manual lenses)
but I used zone focussing with my old Rollei B35. I’m also tempted by the Ricoh GR for the same reason.

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