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Re: sooner or later

paulkienitz wrote:

Jim in Hudson wrote:

This idea will certainly reveal how little I know about light and imaging but here it goes (and at risk of wrong forum):

What if pixel density becomes so high that it's feasible to use a six-color filter... the three primary colors plus the three secondaries? I imagine color accuracy would have to be noticeably improved.

Six colors won't really help if it's still based on the trichromatic color model.

Thats correct. You do not gain anything to have both RGB and CMY, they are just linear combinations of each other.

What I hope becomes feasible someday is if each photosite can not only count photons, but sort them by energy, so the output from each site is a spectral histogram. Then we could not only have color without a bayer array, we could have color more accurate than that of the human eye. There's evidence (controversial) that the usual trichromatic model is only adequate for the majority, and some people are able to distinguish shades that the model cannot. Even without that, current camera sensors make all kinds of small color errors -- deep violet turns into pure blue, and red+green blends often come out unbalanced, making people look like they're under fluorescent light when they're not. These problems are inherent to trichromatic reproduction. A spectral photosite would eliminate these problems and all the other kinds of metamerism that throw off color reproduction.

I would really like that.

But that's currently a complete pipe dream... it might be achieved someday, but I bet it'll take years and years. In the meantime, progress on improved sensors is going to be a lot more gradual and incremental than what it used to be.

I don't know about that. If someone finds how to make a real RGB sensor that collect (nearly) all photons and this in the same location for all three colors, that will be a quite huge step. Also if you remove the annoying highlight clipping by being able to collect some more photons in the bucket would greatly improve things.

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