Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

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Re: sooner or later

klavrack wrote:

Gary Martin wrote:

Unless it's a *substantial* upgrade, I would rather it come later. Pentax/Ricoh needs to make a strong case for APS-C in the next generation, with the latest Micro4/3 sensors getting closer to the last generation of APS-C imagers. The successor to the K-5 needs to have as big of a jump in image quality that the K-5 did over the K-20/K-7. The Nikon D7100 wasn't a big enough jump, IMO; I hope Pentax can top them. And if they do, they will sell lots of cameras. If they don't, then it will be just another incremental upgrade and they will only maintain but not grow market share.

Their target needs to be the rumored D400 and D610. Make buyers choose between the sensor advantages of a D610 and the size/performance speed of a top-tier APS-C.

And what if the D610 doesn't offer any sensor advantage?  Then the only compelling argument for Nikon will be 75 gajillion lenses Nikon has produced, the dearth of camera stores who would even think to mention a Pentax camera and the reality that we'll all do what Ashton Kutcher  does.

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