What do the NEX Users think of the OMD EM-1?

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Re: Aggressive NR maybe?

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During a similar discussion on the m43 forum about a week ago, somebody posted comparative data between another new camera, the Panasonic GX7, and the NEX-7. The results were striking! The EM-1 displayed a large amount of noise at ISO 6400 whereas the NEX-7 was nearly clear as a bell. This demonstrates that once again, Panasonic sensors are not the equal of Sony.

I expect that the E-M1, being the most fully developed Olympus camera so far, and bearing a Sony sourced sensor with hybrid PDAF, should be the equal of anticipated new Sony mirrorless cameras; except for one thing..... and that is is the 40% larger surface area of an APS-C sensor as compared to m43. The larger (NEX) sensor bearing 16 mp let's say, might demonstrate less noise than a similar 16mp sensor in m43 size. Having the same number of pixels in a smaller area will always tend to result in "noisy pixels."

However, the E-M1 might outperform the GX7.

I'd be very interested to see this, as most reviews of the NEX-7 show that at lower ISO's its a fantastic camera but the higher you go, the more noise. I never felt all that comfortable shooting my NEX-7 over ISO1600.

That's not to say that th EM-1 will be better but I have doubts that the NEX-7 was clear at ISO6400.

Aggressive NR maybe? I have yet to see any NEX 7 RAW files @ ISO6400 (or ISO3200) that were “clear as a bell”. I do know that Sony uses some aggressive NR for jpegs and not much control to reduce it (I don’t put any stock in comparisons of jpegs). DxO hasn’t rated the GX7, but the GH3 is not far behind for noise at ISO6400 and is very, very close at ISO3200. Neither will be “clear as a bell” and the only difference you would see in real life is more resolution with the 24MP sensor.

We see in all forums people pick images that favor their cameras, but IMHO, I can’t see much of a difference between the latest micro 4/3 cameras and NEX (even the RX100 is getting close!). In the real world there are way too many more important factors to consider. For example, I prefer 16:9 images and so a 3:2 sensor makes more sense to me, while the OSPDAF focusing of the 70D and EM-1 maybe more important to someone else.

I don't own a NEX-7 and my statement was just a rather meandering guessing game discussing how the anticipated new Sony mirrorless offerings will stand up to the E-M1 (and the GX-7.)

I would assume that the aging NEX-7 has in a few respects, already been surpassed, even by a couple of it's NEX-mates.

So you don't own a NEX-7, persumably never shot with one, yet say that Panasonic sensors are not Sony equals.  First you say almost as a matter of fact that the NEX-7 has clean ISO6400, now you 'guess'.  Whereas people who actually shot with them will tell you that at base ISO it's fantastic but noise starts to creep in much faster and that most keep it under ISO1600.

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