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Re: sooner or later

paulkienitz wrote:

That's not gonna happen. Improvements are getting more and more technically difficult, and I doubt a jump that big will ever happen again, unless maybe someone invents a way to have each photosite sense color without losing half of the light to dark filters. We're getting too close to physical limits.

There are still some things to do.

  1. You could collect all visible photons at each site. Thus you would avoid noise and also have a better sampling, a la Foveon. NOTE - Foveon do not collect RGB and it has a very bad red layer. A real RGB camera would be much better.
  2. You could have a much greater bucket depth, probably then simulated with some clever means. This would increase the DR manifold. So, maybe 24 or 32 stops? This is not only a gimmick. It would improve clipping and also would give you the possibility for long exposures, i.e. at very low ISO.
  3. Four layers, one of them IR. Fun!
  4. More pixels. A 100 MP APS-C sensor will force the lensmakers to lift themselves in the hair to make extra ordinary lenses. The oversampling will also allow for software based filtering, like the filtering in audio equipment, which might result i much smoother images without noise reduction artefacts. It will also mean you can use digital zoom.
  5. Seven layers! Ehhhh ... why not? You can do very strange color manipulations with all that input.
  6. Extremely long exposures. Lets say that the sensor can stay black even if it is exposing for hours in the dark. Just imagine what you can do.

Then we shall not forget that there are other things than the sensor

  1. Rock stable shake reduction. Current improves 2 stops or so and probably never can give the same steadiness as a heavy tripod. But - if it could. Really rock stable SR.
  2. Automatic DOF stacking. Lets say that the sensor can detect sharpness at pixel level. Lets say that it do a quick scan with the focussing and choose the sharpest pixel during that scan.
  3. Sensor based SR. Lets say that you can pan a car, and that the sensor can measure and keep that car razor sharp during panning.
  4. Extreme anti glare LCD that works just fine even in bright sunlight.
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