Will Olympus finally take video seriously w/ EM-1?

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Re: It's very clear now: Olympus won't focus on video!

Pixnat2 wrote:

honeyiscool wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:
But video isn't Olympus priority, and it's easy to understand. As it's easy to understand why some people are frustrated.

Yes, I understand. But on the other hand, they've developed a system that, by all accounts, is the ultimate in-camera video stabilization system EVER. It's better than any OIS or IBIS developed so far, and they currently have it, it's not a proof of concept. Anybody who has used it will tell you the same. That's such a killer feature that if they just developed a half-competent codec around it, they would sell droves of cameras to people who need that single feature because a $1500 compact camera with an external mic input and "built-in Steadicam" is an obvious sell to someone like me who wants a camera for shooting small concerts, local bands, and music videos.

As for this whole "pros don't use stabilization," that's a stupid argument. First of all, they've never had in-camera stabilization this good. Pros do use stabilization. It's called a Steadicam. If any stabilization existed in the past that could do half as well as a Steadicam, pros would have gladly used it. It exists now. In the next 15 years, pros will definitely start using image stabilization. The technology just needed to catch up to pro needs, but who in the world would want a Steadicam body rig to shoot a small local concert? 5-axis IBIS helps capture video footage like never before.

Very valid arguments, I understand you very well. 5 axis IBIS is awesome for stills too, but I agree that it's like a built-in steadycam for video, which is awesome, and understand your frustration.

Maybe time to donate to VK for hacking the E-M1?

Unfortunately hacking cannot fix a poor encoder.

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