Mirrorless with a retractable zoom lens?

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Re: Mirrorless with a retractable zoom lens?

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Does anyone know if any of the manufacturers make an interchangeable type zoom lens for a large sensor mirrorless body (zoom somewhere in the range of 28 - 100 mm) that can retract when powered off to a thickness similar to the built in lenses on cameras like the Canon G16, Sony RX100, etc.? Thanks.

The closest you're going to get with Sony NEX-3N or 5R/5T with 16-50 PZ lens. But if you are okay with smaller sensors (up to 1"), RX100 itself.

Panasonic 14-42 PZ is smaller than Sony 16-50 PZ, and of much higher quality. And its 28-84 equivalent is closer to the requested range than Sony's 24-75mm equivalent (although I think the latter is actually more useful as you can always crop/digital zoom a little).

The lens might be smaller, as is the sensor, the body is bigger, consequently they aren't much different (and here pitted against RX100):

Top View: Sony NEX-3N w/16-50 PZ, Panasonic GF1 w/14-42 PZ, Sony RX100 II

Front View: Sony NEX-3N w/16-50 PZ, Panasonic GF1 w/14-42 PZ, Sony RX100 II

Why choosing GF1, it is ancient and long out of production. See with GF5. Even smaller Panasonic is upcoming.

When that happens. GF5 is actually deeper than GF1.

And Panasonic indeed does a good job covering up the lens' shortcomings with in-camera corrections (applied even to RAW).

It is your conjecture.

That Panasonic does a good job influencing RAW outputs as well? Or that it applies heavy corrections in RAW as well? Apparently, the Panasonic 14-42 Power Zoom sets a new record for optical distortion (-6.81% barrel distortion is quite impressive, if that is your definition of greatness) and even though the Sony isn't great, it is only slightly better.

So, while you're already giving up 4mm equivalent at the wide angle (24mm in Sony 16-50 versus 28mm in Panasonic 14-42), distortion correction is likely eating more into it. But then, most m4/3 seem more enthused by telephoto reach.

Neither lens make my personal cut, however, if that were key, why not just skip ILCs and go with RX100?

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