Mirrorless with a retractable zoom lens?

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Re: Mirrorless with a retractable zoom lens?

cdennis wrote:

The Canon G1x was near the top of my list of options to consider for a fairly compact body with high image quality at high ISOs. However, the reviews indicate that AF is pretty slow, and that led me to look at other options including mirrorless removable lens options since their sensors are so large. I'm trying to find something that has as much tele reach as possible but could still fit in a fanny pack or similar small carrier.

The choices I've looked at to date are: Canon G16, Sony RX100 ii, Nikon P7800, Olympus Stylus XZ-2, Fuji X20. Of course, they all have advantages and disadvantages since there is no perfect solution. I've yet to get the time to investigate the numerous options of mirrorless + compact lenses; hence the post looking for a system with a lens with some reach of hopefully ~100 mm that might retract when powered down to be a fairly compact thickness.

If you want viewfinder, reach and compactness, you are better off with G16. If viewfinder is not necessary (or you can live with an add-on), RX100 II is without competition so far.

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