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Re: Forget the dial, what about better IQ!

tron555 wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

For the moment, ALL of these compact cams have the same type of IQ, excluding units like the Coolpix A and Ricoh GR.

The P7700 does not even come close the above mentioned cameras, what are you smoking?

I said EXCLUDING those cams, not INCLUDING.

If you want the best overall IQ and optics, the P7700 and P7800 are ahead of the Canon. You're trade some shot-to-shot speed, but you'll gain in MANY more areas.

We shall see if the overall IQ is better in the G16 or P7800 very soon, too early to know for sure.

At the moment the P7700 has superior IQ. I see nothing in the specs to suggest that Canon has done anything with the lens and the Nikon lens is superb for this class.

A larger sensor will effect the size of the camera, which is what people generally seek in a "compact camera" from the outset.

Well... This totally shoots down THAT theory -->,332

And the Sony has a 1" sensor that is over 4x the size of the Nikon and blows it away in IQ!

Which sony are you referring to and what is the cost?

You can buy a small DSLR with a very good small zoom and easily get what you want. No single camera can do it all, which is why I own a D800 and D5200 among others.

If I wanted a DSLR, D800 or D5200, I would own one. I want the controls and the fixed lens quality of the Nikon P7800 with a slightly larger, more efficient sensor (2/3"-1") for better IQ and lower noise from ISO 200 and up! Also, just because you own a D800 and D5200 does not necessarily mean your images look outstanding or even that you know how to use them, hint, hint

Sir, I'm paid for my work, so it's a bit sad for you to troll along with the last desperate move "let me now say his photos are poor." You're welcome to post some of your own work.

Here's the display I just completed for a Boatshow using the D800...

I'm sure everyone would take you more seriously if we could look at some of the photo work you're paid for.

Continuously griping that your station wagon handles like a station wagon isn't going to get much done. Buy a Porsche.


I'm only griping because both Canon and Nikon refuse to design a P&S with a larger/more efficient sensor. If or when they ever do, IMO, the IQ will substantially increase from what it is now. Weather sealing would be a very nice feature, but then I guess you would also think that is also too much to ask for

Nope, they won't. At least not anytime soon. So why not stop bugging folks are pretty darn happy with the latest Coolpix and Canon cameras?



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