Will Olympus finally take video seriously w/ EM-1?

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Re: It's very clear now: Olympus won't focus on video!

honeyiscool wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:
They should read the forums, many clever posters can give them a vision

Seriously, it's not always bad to be a conservative purist. At least, they are not sheeps in the flock of "newer is better" followers.

Speaking about video and movies, I advice to watch "Trouble with the Curve", a Clint Eastwood movie that illustrate well why purism isn't always worse than "newer is better".

What in the world is conservative purist about the EM-1? It is about the most advanced, non-traditional camera we have seen in years.

What's weird about Olympus M43 fanboys (and I'm a huge Olympus fan) is that they're in line to sing the praises of the newest Olympus-led trends: 5-axis IBIS, plastic lenses to save weight, silent focusing lenses (the M in MSC stands for movie, ironically enough), EVF, 43 compatibility, hybrid P/CDAF, etc. Yet they're conservative about everything Olympus hasn't gotten to yet.

I mean, come on. Just last year, E-M5 fanboys were saying how PDAF is useless to them and 43 is dead, blah, blah, and now the E-M1 is announced, all of a sudden 43 compatibility is a feature? Because Olympus is too lazy to spend a couple thousand dollars to add a few lines of code to make a better video codec (WHICH IS HONESTLY ALL WE WANT, NOTHING MORE), this is somehow a feature that affirms to you that Olympus is a stills company and not a video company? No, it's not a feature. It's a compromise. Please accept that. We all know that the moment Olympus adds a 50 Mbps 60/30/25/24 capability, it will all of a sudden become a point you bring up to Canikon fanboys.

I can understand conservatism, but you don't get to be conservative as an Olympus fan when Olympus is one of the companies really pushing camera tech right now. Olympus ain't Leica or Fuji. Olympus is trying to define what photography is in the 2010s. You don't get to be conservative supporting a company like this. If they cared so much for traditional values and conservative photographic values, Olympus would have never abandoned OM system, they would never have developed 43, and then they would never have let that rust to develop the M43, and they would have released the E-7 already. Just because they make cameras that look like the OM-1 doesn't make Olympus conservative.

Funny, you should respond to adventsam, because he was calling olympus fans conservative purists, not me. I just told him that it's not bad to be a purist.

Personally, I think that Olympus is far away from a purist company : it's one of the mots innovative company. They were precusors of a lot of features found today in every cameras.

But video isn't Olympus priority, and it's easy to understand. As it's easy to understand why some people are frustrated.

Edit :and if you think I'm a fanboy you're off-base. I shoot Nikon, Panasonic and Olympus, and had shot for years with Canon.

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