Mirrorless with a retractable zoom lens?

Started Sep 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
sigala1 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,818
I do not like the Panasonic 14-42mm pancake zoom

cdennis wrote:

Does anyone know if any of the manufacturers make an interchangeable type zoom lens for a large sensor mirrorless body (zoom somewhere in the range of 28 - 100 mm) that can retract when powered off to a thickness similar to the built in lenses on cameras like the Canon G16, Sony RX100, etc.? Thanks.

Panasonic makes exactly the lens you are looking for.

Unfortunately, I have used the lens and the image quality just isn't there; it lags considerably behind other kit lenses. Maybe it's because of "shutter shock" issues I have with the lens, but it doens't really matter what the reason is if it doesn't work for me. And zooming it using the little lever on the lens sucks--there's no step zoom feature when using the lens with Olympus cameras. And the lens produces massive purple fringing on Olympus cameras.

Even the smallest m43 camera with that lens is quite a bit less pocketable than a camera like an RX100 II.

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