How many still shoot film?

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All the time for fashion!

The models with whom I work all find the look of film--particularly negative/C41 film--very flattering. So I shoot it whenever conditions make it possible!  I'm a particular fan of the (relatively) new Kodak Portra 160's tone and texture:

I shot all of these with a Nikon F100 and a 60mm f/2.8G, at f/2.8.  I rated the film at box speed (ISO 160). Process and Noritsu scan by Richard Photo Lab in Hollywood.  No edits or retouch on my end necessary beyond re-sizing for publication.

The experts out there tell me that tone and texture like this (if it's what you want) are both possible and even easy with digital, but I've always found the post-processing business of trying to achieve it to be deeply tedious--I'd rather just be out there shooting more film instead.



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