Military-Industrial Complex Equals Jobs

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Re: Military-Industrial Complex Equals Jobs

Wheatfield wrote:

Peg Legge wrote:

i believe the arms industry is one of the most subsidised industries in the world

Considering that every piece of hardware, right down to the bullets amounts to a government subsidy, this is a pretty safe bet.

The American economy depends on war. It's why the American government spends so much time stirring the pot in various parts of the world. Destabilized regions fight with each other and need weapons, which the American industrial complex is happy to supply.

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Always remember, whenever you declare someone the dumbest person on Earth, someone else will stare at their screen intently, cross their arms and say ‘Challenge accepted’.

Yep, this is what Eisenhower warned us about.  When Rome extracted resources and slaves from other nations, it began to give its own citizens some benefits of those conquests. The problem is that whenever Rome conquered one nation, it found itself bordering another nation, and it got to the point where it overextended its own resources. This was an extractive Imperial Rome.  We on the other hand initially extract for a few elite in this country, in the form of arm manufacturers, and in the case of Iraq where we thought it would only cost 60 billion, ended up costing us trillions!  Remember they said we would make it up in Iraqi oil.  Well, it's costing us trillions!  And we peasants pay for that.  While the fat cats enjoy those benefits.

But now we are bankrupt, and I think the Chinese and Russians have enlightened Obama on the latter point.  Bankrupt nations don't invade other nations. Case in point, the former Soviet Union.  As a matter of fact, bankrupt nations begin to pull back, and try to resolve their own problems.  America will be eating humble pie.

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