FL-300R external flash, just right or waste of time (money)?

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Re: I like my FL300r

Pikme wrote:

I have FL300r and use it on my XZ1 and EM5. It is really nice with respect to portability, as you can tuck it into a pocket or corner of the camera bag and always have it handy. Also, I never use it on camera as it is very easy to use off camera, which expands its bounce abilities and makes it work well for macro. It also works well for outdoor fill flash with the XZ1 but not so much the EM5 (which needs FP flash for higher sync speeds).

The FL300r uses 2 AAA batteries (compared to 4 AA batteries for FL600r or FL50r), but recharges fast and seems to last a fairly long time. I've used it indoors in low to moderate light and even dark situations with intimate settings (IOW, wouldn't try to light up a banquet room with just this flash). Works great for pics of family and friends, party or restaurants shots, pics of pets and kids, etc. It doesn't create the deer in the headlights look like pop up flash and is not imposing to your subjects like larger flashes are sometimes. It is more powerful than the pop up, but the added flexibility for bounce/macro, etc is probably more important than the extra power. I would recommend this flash if you are concerned about size or price, and you plan to use it in smaller rooms or for adding a touch of brightness as needed. I use mine about 85% of the time that I use flash, so it is definitely useful and not a waste of time or money for me.

On the other hand, if you are most concerned about overall flash power/performance or you plan to use it heavily at events or in larger rooms, then I would get either the FL600r or FL50r. The FL600r has less power than the 50, but it recycles quickly and is fairly small and compact and works very well. The 50 is older but more powerful, and mine has always worked extremely well. There is no doubt the FL600r and truly the FL50r are overall better flashes than the FL300r, but the tradeoffs are price and size. For me, the bigger flashes just create anxiety in my subjects and I lose the relaxed candid feel for the types of family/friends snapshots that I like. And it is more awkward for me to use the bigger flashes one handed like I do with the FL300r. I just wish the FL300r had FP capability for fill outdoors with my EM5.

BTW, all flashes have warnings in their manuals about overheating - don't get worked up about that comment.

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Roberto M.

Thanks!  Yes, I am hoping to have better shots of family/friends indoors, not large banquets or weddings.  Sounds like this may fit the bill.

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