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Re: Thank you all - much appreciated

yray wrote:

leighton w wrote:

Ken, you hit the nail on the head about lenses we once drooled over and now go for cheap. Take the 80-200 f4.5 AI with the rectangular cutout at the mount. This lens is considered a pro lens and once sold for between 600 and 700 bucks back in the 70's. Now you can get them for under $100 all day long!

Is 80-200 f/4.5 Ai still a really good lens? I can see an attraction of a small zoom like that, it would be very handy when I don't want to lug around an f/2.8 one, and I could probably live with f/4.5, especially at this price point. But how is it in terms of sharpness wide open, CA, etc?

Also, any opinions on the 200mm f/4 Ais prime?

It's good, but I don't use mine that much. I much prefer the 180/2.8 ED AIS due to the creamy bokeh. The 80-200 is really sharp wide open and the CA is not bad, not that I've ever seen enough to do anything about it. The biggest problem with the lens is finding one in good enough shape that the zoom/focus ring is dampened well.

It also works great with tubes for Micro work. Here's a link to a couple of images from it.

I had the 200/4 for a while and never warmed to it, so I sold it. However, due to the size, it would make a nice little lens to take with you hiking.

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