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You may have something interesting at least for me. I am using a D7000 and a D800 and have discovered using the camera as I was originally taught how to has made improvements. Having said that and using MF I've been changing my diopter wheel when using different lenses and have chalked it up to my eyes. I do a lot of competitive shooting and the eyeballs are growing old! I'll look at the idea you suggested.

Leighton W,

Yes to the 50-135, especially on the D7000. I often carry only the 25-50 and the 50-135 with the D7000 and have the same range as D800 with the 24-70 and my 80-200 AF-S. An unnoticeable bump in the ISO on the D7000 eliminates the stop advantage of the faster lenses. The weight advantage is considerable.


In the past 6 weeks I decided to go all MF in my D7000 kit. I've traded/sold some DX away, pocketed some cash after spending less than $250.  I got the 80-200 F4.5 ($99) eBay, 100-300 F5.6 ($80) flea mkt and the 80-200 F4 ($49) KEH BGN.  So far I see no difference in the 80-200's both are Ai-S and have good glass, the 4.5 being the last model number BCO 04 3656 with the rear rectangular cut out.  Neither match my 80-200 F2.8 AFS on the D800 but are fine on the D7000.  The 100-300 has only been out twice and is soft at 300 and wide open.  However both times have been on very hot humid days.  With longer lenses (just as in rifle scopes) there is a tendency to see mirage in the lens, that off course is captured in the image.  The 4.5 is a bit smaller and my goal is to keep weight and size down.


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