Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

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Re: Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

Simon Devlin wrote:

K_Photo_Teach wrote:

Richard the picture man wrote:

That`s fine, please post a picture or two showing us how your images are losing out without more megapixels.

That kind of a question implies that photography can`t benefit from more megapixels.

Do you really believe this?

Some people forget or don't know that if you up the megapixels you also need to up the IQ of your lenses to justify them!

Hence why Nikon have a list of very expensive top end lenses recommended for use with their D800

Just sell the car and buy a 645D and be happy ever after!

Don't forget the pixel pitch on the K5 is ~equivalent to the D800.  Yes you need a full frame lens that's good to the corners but Nikon now has a nice selection of affordable lenses (sometimes cheaper & better featured than Pentax) jthat work great with the D800.  I switched from the K5 to the D800 (after shooting with K100D, K20D, K7 & K5) and for $200 you can get a great 50mm F1.8 with a lens hood and full time manual focus over-ride!  In fact a big part of the reason I switched is because Pentax's pricing strategy had become so obscene (and aggravating to someone like me watching my investment yo-yo in value constantly) that Nikon looked like a bargain and allowed me to cover my needs with far fewer lenses than I had for Pentax.

I have the 70-200 F4 (used to own the 60-250 DA* and 50-135DA*) and it is the most amazing lens I've ever had my hands on.  Being able to easily crop to 400mm equiv. with 9MP of resolution remaining is very liberating.  I can walk around with the 24-120 F4 and cover a huge range with ~F2.8 APS-C depth of field (lens is also great, extremely resistant to flare and sharp).  I got it for ~ the same price new as Pentax's 16-50!!!  Throw in an amazing Yungnuo flash with great build quality for $200(!!!) that supports full wireless slave control/i-TTL/remote flash adjustment via camera body with accurate exposure and lots of power and I consider the D800 a bargain compared to my previous Pentax setup (also picked up Yungnuo wireless RF flash triggers with full i-TTL for $100!- all less than the price of Pentax's cheapest flash that has much to be desired).  My wife thinks I use the term "bargain" a little loosely though

For the first time in a long, long time my LBA (and camera upgrade addiction) is well under control because I can finally "have it all" - great optical quality, extremely fast AF with great tracking options, and shallow depth of field in one lens.

It's a shame because the K5 really is a phenomenal camera but I just feel Pentax/Ricoh is continually dropping the ball and almost deliberately sabotaging their most loyal customers...

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