X-A1 = X100 non trans with lenses in a small body

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Randy Benter wrote:

They are not two completely different technologies; they use the exact same sensor technology. They are completely different CFAs. I think you would understand this issue better if you researched the difference between a CFA and a sensor. There is no such thing as an X-Trans sensor (misnomer), there is an X-Trans CFA.

Everyone has their opinion and everyone seems to be sure their opinion is correct.

This is not a matter of opinion; it is a matter of fact. Either Fuji fabs the sensor in X-Trans cameras or they outsource it. Some people in this thread are just guessing (incorrectly), some are making educated guesses, and some know.

It just goes around and around and it is pointless as people imagine name fuji being some "factory".

The fujifilm holdings has many hundreds of subsidiaries and companies in its portfolio. The largest is fujifilm and xerox. One of the fujifilm subsidiaries was Photonics in Miagi that manufactured CCDs wafers used (among others) also in fuji branded cameras build by another fuji-branded subsidiary.

The fuji holdings closed down the fujifilm photonics factory (money decision) and so THERE ARE NO LONGER sensors under FUJIFILM brand. The consumer camera manufacturing subsidiaries in FUJI portfolio use sensor made in factories that are currently under Toshiba or Sony brand. This should be end of the discussion.

But see how pointless this is? Fuji is a huge conglomerate where companies are acquired and sold and they y have their own subsidiaries They even make building materials. They put a FUJI or FUJIFILM in front of the company they added to portfolio. The company still does the same thing.

It makes no difference what company holds the title to the sensor manufacturing plant, it is totally pointless, like arguing if shoelaces for Nike are made by Adidas.

What really makes the difference is how the factory that makes the cameras uses the components and arguably the XPRO and X100 showed that those people do a fantastic job.

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